Glebe District Hockey Club Life Members


Life Membership is the most prestigious award available at the Glebe District Hockey Club. As such the nomination is given careful consideration. Candidates for Life Membership have invariably given yeoman service to the Club over decades.  The process for election to Life Membership is that a Club Member nominates a person for Life Membership, with the support of a seconder, to the Club Management Committee, together with a supporting biography outlining the person's contribution to the Club.  The Management Committee consider the nomination and if appropriate list the matter on the Agenda for the next Annual General Meeting.

At the AGM the person's nomination is put to a vote.  All financial Members present at the AGM are eligible to vote on the matter.


Brief History

The predecessor club of the Glebe District Hockey Club was founded in 1931 as the Saint James' Sports' Club Hockey Team.  The Club morphed into the Glebe District Hockey Club for the 1933 hockey season and is still operating 84 years later.

The first Life Members John Quinlan and Mrs Ester Taylor were both elected at the 1947 Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The last Life Member to be elected was Mr Vernon Howe at the 2013 AGM. In its 84 years of operation the Club has elected 29 Life Members.


Current Life Members 

Life Members of the Glebe District Hockey Club in alphabetical order are:

Colin Brown, Robert Brown, Kelvin Dickey, John Diviney, Graeme Gilmour, Martin Howe, Margaret Howe, Vernon Howe, Jimmy Kenny, Fred Letts, George Manou, John Nilan, Pat Nilan, Danny O'Brien, Geoff Paterson, Keith Paterson, Jack Quinlan, Paul Rogers, Bill Ryan, Bill Stubbs, Ester Taylor, Bob Taylor, Harry Wark snr, Harry Wark jnr, Ken Wark snr, Les Wark, Molly Wark, Robert Wark, Jack Worley.

And by Year:

1947     Mrs Ester Taylor *
1947     Jack Quinlan *
1952     Jim Kenny *
1956     Bill Ryan *
1958     Jack Worley *
1964     Harry Wark Snr *
1967     Kelvin Dickey *
1969     Ken Wark Snr *
1971     Patrick Nilan
1973     Bill Stubbs
1975     Fred Letts
1975     Graeme Gilmour
1975     Robert 'Charlie' Brown
1977     Paul Rogers
1981     John Diviney *
1986     Molly Wark
1989     Colin Brown
1989     Keith Paterson *
1992     Martin Howe *
1996     Robert 'Bob' Taylor
1997     Harry Wark Jnr
1997     Geoffrey Paterson
1998     Les Wark
2000     Margaret Howe
2000     Robert Wark
2008     Danny O'Brien
2010     John Nilan
2012     George Manou
2013     Vernon Howe

* Deceased


Individual Biographies (as at 12 June 2015)

Current Secretary Mr Mark Paterson, Ex-Junior Convenor Mr Mark Noller and Club Historian Harry Wark are in the process of compiling biographies on all Life-Members of the Club.  The plan is to have these biographies displayed here in the coming months, or perhaps years. Any person, senior or junior with an interest in this project is welcome to join the research team.

Any information readers of the Club's Web Site could give us on older/deceased Life Members such as photos, newspaper clippings; death, birth, marriage certificates, wedding booklets, funeral booklets, work histories etc. would be greatly appreciated. 


Brown, Robert "Charlie"

Dickey, Kelvin

Howe, Margaret

Howe, Martin

Kenny, Jim

Nilan, Pat

O'Brien, Danny

Paterson, Geoff

Paterson, Keith

Quinlan, Jack Logan

Rogers, Paul

Ryan, Billy "Jazza"

Stubbs, William (Bill)

Taylor, Bob

Taylor, Esther

Wark, Harry Snr

Wark, Harry Jnr

Wark, Ken Snr

Wark, Molly

Worley, Jack





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