The Glebe District Hockey Club

Glebe District Hockey Club is one the greatest, most successful hockey clubs in Sydney and arguably one of the most famous hockey clubs in the world! Players have joined Glebe Hockey from all over Sydney and from overseas, making the club a social and competitive club with a loyal following.

By joining Glebe you will join a club with a rich history and a fantastic social scene. There are so many amazing aspects about joining the Glebe club. We are a very social and dedicated club, who are committed to the community and our Club.

The Glebe District Hockey Club does not charge its juniors to play hockey. We are committed to building the sport throughout the community and investing in younger players who want to wear the maroon and white.


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Living in & Around Glebe

Glebe in the inner west is a village suburb that is close to the University of Sydney and within walking distance of the city and Pyrmont. It also has fantastic public transport facilities servicing the greater Sydney Metropolitan area.

Other surrounding Suburbs which are close to Glebe in include, Newtown, Annandale, Chippendale, Drummoyne, Balmain, Pyrmont, Stanmore & Leichhardt.

A useful website which will be able to assist is , this will enable you to view different rental properties and so forth. But please do not hesitate to talk to us about living arrangements as someone in the club may have a spare room and or maybe be able to assist in some way.



Glebe Men train on Tuesday's from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. Glebe Women train on Tuesday's from 6.30pm to 8.30, depending on which team you are selected for. Training is at Briars Turf in Concord.

Fitness training for men will be on Wednesday nights and on some Sundays during the pre-season at venues to be confirmed.

Fitness training for women is hosted by personal trainer Lynsey Askew and is held at Jubilee Park (night to be confirmed) Fitness training won't commence until the pre-season in mid-January. Check the women's page for more information and for who to contact to join.



Pre-season training commences earlier in the year, likely late January. Turf training also commences in February/March.

MEN: In 2015, Glebe men fielded 6 teams

Premier League   (PL)   1st Grade
Sydney Cup (SC) 2nd Grade
Sydney League 1 (SL1) 3rd Grade
Sydney League 2 (SL2) 4th Grade
Sydney League 5 (SL5) 5th Grade
Sydney League 6 (SL6) 6th Grade








WOMEN: In 2015, Glebe women's fieldedsix teams, three in the Sydney Women's Hockey League (SWHL) and three in the Eastern Districts Competition.

Glebe has a first, second and third grade team, which compete in the ML1, 3 and 5 divisions. The Eastern Districts competition sees Glebe's fourth, fifth and sixth grade compete.  

 John Nilan



The current SHA Men's competition is the strongest competition in NSW and rivals the local competitions in Perth and Melbourne as the strongest competition in Australia. The hockey season usually begins in early April ending in late September.

Most recently, Glebe has won the Premier League 1 competition in 2005, 2006 and 2008. Glebe boasts one Ex - Australian representative, Mark 'Hollywood' Paterson (2009 - 2012) and one NSW representative, Matthew Wark. The current 1st Grade coach, Dean Benfield, is also an ex-NSW representative and is currently part of the coaching staff for the NSW team.

Glebe Women compete in the SWHL competition, which is the highest level competition in Sydney. The Eastern Districts competition is also competitive, and the 4th Grade girls took out their grade premiership in both 2011, 2012 and 2014! We've also seen two 2nd grade premierships, one in 2012 and another 2013.

Glebe caters for all levels of players - from the elite, to the social, to beginners. Everyone welcome!



In 2015, Glebe women's fielded six teams, three in the Sydney Women's Hockey League and three in the Sydney East Competition. The Sydney Women's Hockey League (SWHL) is the best competition in Sydney and a perfect playing ground for competitive players. The Sydney East competition sees Glebe's fourth, fifth grade compete. These teams are ideal for players who wish to learn new skills in Glebe 6 and progresss their hockey knowledge by moving up the grades.

The Glebe Women have had a very successful last four years. We've won at least one premiership each year since 2012. In Season 2014, we had four out of our five teams make the semi finals. in 2015, our Glebe 1 team won the minor and major premiership in ML2, progessing to ML1.

We welcomed some great new players in 2015, so hope to welcome even more new talent in 2016!!

Visit the women's tab for more information on who to contact to join our Club. We look forward to welcoming you!

  Girls 4th Grade 3



The Glebe junior club is the next biggest junior club in Sydney after Sutherland, which is particularly impressive when it is considered that there are a number of rival clubs in Sydney's inner west competing for the same talent pool of kids. A big incentive which families have found in coming to Glebe is that it is free for all kids up to U/17s level to play hockey for Glebe, as well as the welcoming family environment Glebe prides itself on. The associated costs with funding the juniors is generally subsidised by fundraising, sponsorship and by the men's and women's clubs.



The Glebe District Hockey club has a number of social functions throughout the course of the hockey season. This includes New player night which is held annually at the start of the season to welcome new players over a re-freshing beverage of our choice.

State of Origin Night Pasta night: This is viewed on the big screen down at the clubhouse after fitness training on Wednesday night, were a pasta meal is prepared accompanied with viewing the annual rivalry Rugby League Match Between New South Wales & Queensland.

Band Night: This is the biggest showcase function of the season and is the clubs premier fundraising night of the year. It Showcases local inner-west bands in our unique viaduct clubhouse, which adds to the ambience of the occasion it has previously attracted club members of all ages as well as people from outside the clubhouse and a crowd of 250 plus people regularly attend this great night.

Pub Crawl: Which takes place in and around the Glebe Pub scene usually culminating at the Glebe house. This is a great night which gives everyone a chance to enjoy a beverage together whilst getting a real feel for the Character of some of the Old Glebe Watering Holes.    

The Albury Easter Carnival: The Club has sent down a men's team for the last 8 - 9 years in what is a fantastic time away. The main focus of the carnival is playing with club members from all abilities while enjoying the social activities that take place during the course of the long weekend.

Presentation Night: This is usually held a week or two after the end of the Men's & Women's competition, it is a Gala event where players and club members are awarded for their hard work during the year.





Glebe's Current International Players

Name: PetPeter Lasletter Laslett

Country & Place of Origin: London, England

Previous Club & level played: Mill Hill, MBBO Premier

D.O.B or AGE: 8/3/80

Occupation: Public Servant

Current playing Grade: 3rd grade & 2nd grade.

How did you find out about the Glebe District Hockey Club: Friends from London joined the women's section. I checked it out on the Internet and it looked good!

Best experience you have had at the club thus far: Winning the 3rd Grade Grand Final.

In your opinion the best thing playing for Glebe is: It's a great combination of high playing a high standard of hockey on the pitch with having a laugh off it. And a clubhouse that stays open late!

What's it like living in and around the Glebe area? Sydney is so chilled compared to London, people are friendlier and everything is more relaxed. And warmer.

Who are your favourite club members and why? Olly Hollyoake for fulfilling the prophecy of scoring the winning goal in the Grand Final with a reverse stick tomahawk shot.

How would you sell playing for the Glebe Hockey Club to potential future overseas guests?   There is a team for every standard, from experts to beginners. The club is based close to the CBD, as well as the inner west centres. It's got a clubhouse that is open late, a great social scene and events, and a great club spirit running through all the teams.



Name:  Raj Patel

Country & Place of Origin:  Auckland, New ZealandRaj Patel

Previous Club & level played:  Hamstead Westminster, London and

The University of Auckland

D.O.B or AGE

Occupation:  Lawyer

Current playing Grade: 1st Grade

How did you find out about the Glebe District Hockey Club: Recommendation from others who have played in the Sydney region.

Best experience you have had at the club thus far: Winning Briars/Glebe match.  Beating Ryde away at Ryde, and the end of season trip with the entire team. Something which has to be experienced.

In your opinion the best thing playing for Glebe is: The friendships that have evolved during the year.

Who are your favourite club members and why? Jonny Nilan (1st grade manager) - his commitment to our side and the club has been amazing and his general banter is first class.

How would you sell playing for the Glebe Hockey Club to potential future overseas guests? The fact that the club has the potential to compete with the tops side, past victories including the premierships Glebe has won, has a current international in Mark Paterson and a number of NSW representatives, friendly person orientated club. 



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