Glebe District Hockey Club 2017 Junior Season

Glebe Junior Skills Challenge 2017

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In 2017 we are looking for our juniors to show off their stick skills and be a part of the Glebe junior skills challenge. Send us a video of no longer than 45 seconds demonstrating the best of your skills and we'll upload it to Instagram. We'll tag you but you need to get as many friends as you can you like the post. Send your videos to for us to upload An Osaka stick will be awarded in the U7's, U9's, U11's, U13's, U15's and U17's category to the best skills as judged by Aaron Oman at the Glebe Carnival later this year. 


Click on the Link below for some ideas of we are looking for. 

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Glebe Junior Skills Challenge Ideas

 Glebe Skills 2017

Junior Presentation Night - under the stars and arches

Glebe Juniors celebrate their end of season Presentation at the clubhouse on a Wednesday evening in early September. The night is attended by many junior players and their families, coaches, club and committee members and Life Members including Pat Nilan, Harry Wark, Vernon Howe and our Prseident Les Wark. It is a great way to finish off an action packed season.

Our Annual Junior Reports can be downloaded now in the History section of the website. Thanks to everyone who supports Glebe Junior Hockey.

We traditionally celebrate juniors who have reached the milestone of playing 100 games for Glebe each year at our junior presentation night.

In 2017 we will also be acknowledging the juniors who transition to the senior component of the club - at Glebe we value sport for life - FAMILY; EQUALITY; COMMITMENT; CONTRIBUTION

 2015 Preso 1

Part of the crowd

2015 Preso 2

Club Secretary/First Grade Captain Mark Paterson and Club President/Life Member Danny O'Brien in the crowd

2015 Preso 3

Junior Convenor Claire Prideaux with Alison Cummings

2015 Preso 5

Life Member & Triple Olympian Pat Nilan

2015 Preso 6

U11B Hornets Coach Adrian McKeown presenting Most Improved Trophy to Airlie Goodridge

2015 Preso 7

New U17 Award for 2015 - The Vernon Howe Celebration Cup (Vernon with winner Ana Moraitakis who was also a member of the premiership winning Glebe Womens First Grade Team)

2015 Preso 7

Annie Millar, winner of the U11 Bobby "Rocker" Fox Memorial Trophy with Kathy Fox

2015 Preso 8

Zack Arambewela, winner of the Noller Family Boys Encouragement Award with Ed Noller

2015 Preso 11

Emma Alexander-Prideaux, winner of the U13 Ralph Rochester Trophy with Life Member Harry Wark

2015 Preso 12

Jonah Riley, winner of the All Juniors Billy "Jazza" Ryan Trophy, with Pat Nilan

2015 Preso 15

100 games players and friends

2015 Preso 14 

U17 Coach Dean Morrow with Brayden and Deanna

Glebe Under 9

Under 9 - Team

Back row, from left: Emerson, Daisy, Bethan, Arthur, Tom, Lucas. 
Front row, from left: Janine, Amelia, Harriet, Hugo (absent: Clementine). 

The club's youngest team had a delightful first season: good opposition, mostly fine weather, no injuries, and a stack of wins. After they picked up the basics at Minkey (many thanks to Vernon), about 11 young hockey players stepped up to play comp. The games are only six a side and as there were five extra players the parents in charge of subs were kept busy shuffling them on and off the field so everyone got an equal run.

Skills improved quickly under coach Alison Lennon and spectators (okay, parents) were treated to some fine dribbling and goal-shooting-even reverse-stick work. Learning to pass took a little longer, but they got the hang of that, too, and they were very goal-hungry inside the circle (not that there is a circle for the under-9s). The team was always able to field a full side-in fact, so enthusiastic was the turn out each week that Glebe lent players to the other teams when they were short (the opposition was St George and two teams from University of NSW).
Of the 18 or so games, Glebe won 14, drew two and lost two.

There was a lot of fun and a lot of improvement, and now there are a lot of talented young hockey players who will be clamouring to get into Glebe Under-11s in the next season or two. Thanks to all the players and all the parents, and congratulations to Glebe Hockey Club for giving such great support to its juniors.

 Under 9 - Action 1

Under 9 - Action 2

 Under 9 - Action 3


Under 13A Redbacks at Cintra Mens Games

U13A redbacks


Glebes Under13 Redbacks are a team that features the next generation of Glebe Club Members. Players include a great mix of boys and girls who have strong connections with the history and future of Glebe. Aaron Nilan coaches the team in his first juniors coaching experience. As part of the season plan, the kids voted that rather than more whiteboard instructions and team talks; they wanted a new approach to coaching. And so after a closely fought loss to Sutherland in the morning, the U13A Redbacks reconvened in the afternoon at Cintra to watch the Men's Second Grade encounter, and get some practical instruction in hockey.

Some had gone home and freshened up, some had gone to other sports commitments and a few diehards remained in their Glebe uniforms, and they sat as a team in preparation to watch their siblings, club mates, their umpire that morning and most importantly their coach in a fiercely contested game.

Wild assurances of a hat trick of goals and a demonstration of exactly how to play the game had been made, and the children were happy to see the coach pop in the first goal for Glebe early in the game. (Just quietly we think The Coach was quite relieved as well)

It was a great afternoon in the sunshine with friends, with plenty of support from the senior members of the club, parents, pets and a delicious home baked giant biscuit to share. So it was a 3-1 victory to the Glebe men, a lovely goal and excellent demeanour from the coach and a big win for team spirit and friendship.



Under 13 Girls State Championships in Tamworth

 U13 Girls1

L-R Back: Asha, Olivia, Sarah, Layla, Olive, Emma
L-R Front: Destiny, Prudie, Talia              

 U13 Girls2

 L-R: Jasmine, Sam,Teagan, Madeleine, Abby, Mimi                                      

The Under 13 Girls Field State Championships were completed under sunny skies, but with frosty mornings, in Tamworth over the last weekend. It is I think reasonable to say that Glebe provided the engine rooms for the SEHA teams, and
achieved outstanding results during the tournament.

In total 15 Glebe girls, 2 Glebe coaches, 2 Glebe managers, countless tech bench delegates and judges and many Glebe supporters participated at the Carnival across the two Sydney East representative teams. In this inaugural SEHA Under13 Girls season, we were so fortunate to have such a positive and encouraging group of Glebe families, who assisted in all sorts of ways, from the not to be sniffed at ability to get the right child to the right place at the right time, to the long suffering siblings, to those who took photos, carried gear, manned the tech bench, fed girls, washed uniforms and
generally cheered and supported the teams throughout the season. And a special thanks to Riley Nilan, who helped out by umpiring for us during the season.

Extra special thanks to Olive's mum Ann, who crocheted up the amazing outfit for the team mascot Squawky the SEHA Seagull from wool secured from the Nundle Wool Mill Field Trip led by our wonderful and very tolerant driver Dean Morrow and chief navigator Deanna.

In the final State Championship results, SEHA 1 were defeated by Lithgow in the semifinals 2-0. Lithgow went on to win the tournament 5-1 against Northern Beaches. It is a result the coaching team and girls should be very proud of, and SEHA remains in Division 1 for 2016. The richly deserved Players Player was Emma Alexander Prideaux, closely followed by joint runners up Prudie Dallen, Talia Morrow and Olivia Cain. Glebe girls Destiny Peris and Sarah Brine led the goal scoring for SEHA 1. Layla Riley, Asha Machin Hunt and Olive Currie were just so impressive in their team and ran and ran and passed and dragged and tackled and then ran some more.

SEHA 2 drew with Grafton 2 nil all in their classification match, and successfully  kept the SEHA position in Division 3 for 2016. Players Player was deservedly  awarded again to another wonderful Glebe girl Teagan Howe, ably supported by  tireless running and strength and versatility from Samantha Iglesias, who was as classy as always. Jasmine Howe was just magnificent in goals for the entire  season. Abby Foster, Madeleine Fiene and another signing for the season Mimi Kind were also amazing, and have developed into players to watch in coming seasons. And  they wore beautiful matching hair ribbons, and represented Glebe and SEHA with  fabulous sportsmanship and good cheer. The girls were great Glebe ambassadors, supportive of each other and welcoming to their teammates.

We  are very proud to let you know that two of our girls have been chosen in the final squad for State selection. Our warmest congratulations to Destiny and Jasmine and both  of you go with our very best wishes to the next stage. Sydney
East Juniors' participated with great sportsmanship, effort and skill throughout the tournament, and we look forward to the girls showcasing their skills and confidence for Glebe in the remainder of the club season.


U11 Glebe Juniors Head North West to Tamworth

U11 Tamworth 2015

L-R: Billy Pritchard, Allegra Symonds, Annie Miller, Archie Dallen, Hugh Foster,  Oscar Frissel-Thomas, Will Beckett-Brine 


Nearly500 kids competedin the annual U11 Tamworth Carnival over a sunnylong weekend at the end of July. There is no organised NSW State championships for the U11 teams and for many this is the equivalent competition.  Seven Glebe juniors played for the brand new Sydney East Hockey Association rep teams. Annie Miller, Allegra Symonds and Billy Pritchard played for the girls while Archie Dallen, Oscar Frissel-Thomas, Will Beckett-Brine and Hugh Foster played for the boys. The event focused on the development of the young hockey players and umpires.  All the games had junior umpires and any young Glebe umpires are encouraged to attend next year, if they are keen.  The lucky hockey players also got to try a few indoor games in the new Tamworth Indoor facility. 

The event is massive and gets bigger and better each year!  There were 34 teams competing across two divisions; division 1 and division 2. Both the SEHA teams competed in Division 2 and took home the gold for the boys and the girls. Outstanding! There were 12 teams in the Division 2 girls event and 8 in the boys.

As with all of representative hockey carnivals, the good times extend beyond the hockey pitch.  Team dinners brought together the kids and parents from several hockey clubs in East Sydney. There was also a mini golf close by, a beautiful Tamworth look-out, and even a marsupial farm. Some energetic parents ran or walked along the Peel River while others enjoyed coffee at some fine cafes. We will not talk about scraping the ice off our car windscreens on chilly mornings, but it was all part of a great family adventure in hockey

Congratulations to all who participated.  I am sure you will bring your skills back to your Glebe teams and encourage others to participate next year.




 Bunnings 1

Like most sporting Clubs, Glebe Junior Hockey is dependent upon and most grateful for the support of family and friends in necessary fund-raising activities and ventures from time to time.  One of our regular ventures is a BBQ Sausage Sizzle outside the entrance of Bunnings at Ashfield.  Bunnings generously allow various local community groups to conduct and take the financial benefit of BBQ Sausage Sizzles. 

On Sunday, 21 June 2015, families and supporters from the various junior teams were good enough to give up their time in 2 hour shifts to raise funds for the Junior Club.  It was an overcast winter day, but that seemed to only improve the hearty appetite of Bunnings shoppers.  The day was a social and financial success.  The families and supporters of the U11 Hornets and Redbacks had the "grave yard" kick off 8am-10am shift and presented a happy and cheerful face for the Club.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make themselves available and participate in the day.  The Club is very grateful for your time and your willingness to be an active part of our Club community.  Special thanks must go to all the team managers who co-ordinated each shift. The club made a net profit of almost $1,400 so well done to everyone.  Also thanks to Adam Campano and Mark Noller for organising and delivering the food and drinks.

 Bunnings 2


Under 15 Girls 2015 State Championships News         20-21 June 2015

The State Under 15 Girls Championships in Lithgow this weekend were another opportunity to showcase the talents of our junior girls. It will be forever known to many of us however as The Carnival of the Coin Toss.

The SEHA firsts included Bridget Kelly, Izzy Shannon, Maddy Scott and Susie Douglas. Charlie Pepper lead the SEHA 2 team, and was joined by some young legs in Talia Morrow, Emma Alexander Prideaux and Olivia Cain from Under 13's helping out for the weekend in true Glebe spirit. The club was also well represented by Taylah Mannering for the Lithgow association.

The tournament began in very inclement weather, and the organisers rallied with an impressive reshuffle of the draw, when all grass fields were declared unplayable. The Tournament Director was forced to reschedule all divisions onto the turf, and reduced game times to 30minutes each.

Games were then played in fairly temperate conditions for Lithgow, and the large contingent of Glebe supporters took the opportunity to explore the local area as well as watch some of the excellent hockey on display.  

SEHA One played in a very strong first division, finishing 3rd in their pool, and then being successful in the classification game to defeat Grafton 2-0.

But this is where we get to the Coin Toss Story.  SEHA Two finished equal top of their pool in division three, and then were equal on all other aspects resulting in a coin toss to determine the winners of Pool A. The coach said Tails Never Fail, the faithful Glebe manager followed her instructions, but alas it was heads, forcing the girls into a tough must win semifinal against Sydney South.  A different result on that coin toss may have changed it all…. But the girls were valiant in defeat, and left the grounds with new friendships, new skills and a SEHA biscuit for the drive home.

The Glebe girls played beautifully, including goals being scored by Izzy and Charlie, and typically consistent and determined play from all players. They were all wonderful representatives of Glebe, and look forward to joining their teammates back at club hockey in the coming weeks.

U15 Lithgow 

Susie, Olivia, Emma, Izzy, Maddie
Talia, Bridget, Charlie


Glebe Junior Girls Shine in Canberra Sunshine

 Glebe Girls at Canberra June 2015

The future of Glebe Women's Hockey is looking better than ever as our junior girls participate with enthusiasm and skill at representative level. 

This weekend, a large number of Glebe junior girls represented our Club and new Association with distinction at the ACT June Long Weekend tournament in Canberra. Sydney East Junior Hockey Association fielded three representative teams at the event, two Under 13 and one Under 15 girl's team.  All up 17 Glebe girls, 2 Glebe coaches, 2 Glebe managers and many Glebe supporters participated at the Carnival across the Sydney East Juniors representative teams. Special thanks to our official photographer Ian Dallen who managed to get all 16 girls in the same image! 

Sydney East Juniors' participated with great sportsmanship, effort and skill throughout the tournament. As the first opportunity for the girls to compete for SEHA, it was a carnival focused on development and enjoyment of hockey, as well as the opportunity to catch up with old friends in their new association teams. The girls were great Glebe ambassadors, supportive of each other and welcoming to their teammates. 

The Under 13 teams included Abby Foster, Asha Machin-Hunt, Emma Alexander-Prideaux, Jasmine Howe (who was reported by reliable spectators to have made about 40,000 saves in an outstanding performance), Layla Riley (multiple goal scorer), Madeleine Fiene, Prudie Dallen (welcome to the right team!), Sarah Brine, Samantha Iglesias (goal scorer), Talia Morrow, Teagan Howe, Olive Currie (goal scorer) and Olivia Cain all of whom made their coaches, good Glebe women and skilled teachers Clare Prideaux and Kate Alexander, and families very proud. 

In Under 15 girls Bridget Kelly, Isabella Shannon, Maddy Scott and Susie Douglas represented us with great skill and determination. 

Glebe families and supporters attended the Carnival in large numbers. The Glebe kids were encouraging and enthusiastic in their support of other Sydney teams and, particularly, other Glebe players. Many of the U13 girls reported the toughest game was playing against their friends in one of the scheduled matches. 

This carnival is a lead up to the State Championships for both the Under 15 Girls in Lithgow and Under 13 Girls in Tamworth in the coming weeks. We wish all the previously mentioned girls as well as Charlie Pepper who joins the squads all the very best for safe and successful campaigns.



Glebe Boys at HNSW U15 State Championships

The 2015 U15 Boys NSW State Championships were held at Grafton. The recent Association reforms involved, amongst other things, the breaking up of the one Sydney wide representative Association into four separate Associations to provide greater opportunities for representative hockey participation. 

Our new Association is Sydney East.  Glebe was fortunate enough to have Oliver Brownbill and Lewis Francis playing in the U15/2 team and Angus Baird, Hugh Dallen, Jackson Howe, Bill Eustace, Rodrigo Pedraza-Luna, Tim
Pritchard and Jonah Riley in the U15/1 team. Also, new Club member, Bill Eustace, played for Nepean.  Club member, Irene Riley, was the manager of the Sydney East U15/1 team too. 

The quality of hockey was outstanding and the boys all learned a great deal about the game and developed their skills under the coaching of Josh Wiggins in the U15/2 team and Alex Lupton (former Australian indoor player and current Australian indoor coach) in the U15/1 team.  Bill also had a great time with Nepean.  The boys also had plenty of down time to get to know each other better and build on their friendships with boys around New South Wales.

The U15/2 and Nepean teams did very well.  The U15/1 team made the Division 1 grand-final, but finished with the silver medal losing 0 to 3 to Metro South West (the old Macarthur).  This was an outstanding achievement as the U15/1 team was only comprised of boys from two clubs, being Glebe and Briars. 

Our thoughts are with Lewis Francis who suffered a broken hand in his first game of the Championships and could not play further. To his great credit, Lewis took it all with good humour and real character.  He certainly impressed all his friends with his good reaction to his disappointment and the wonderfully clear x-ray he had to show. 

Yet again, representative hockey was seen as a great way to develop hockey skills and friendships and travel to interesting parts of this big and diverse State of New South Wales.


 U15 Boys SEHA

L-R: Oliver Brownbill, Jonah Riley, Bill Eustace, Tim Pritchard, Jackson Howe, Hugh Dallen, Rodrigo Pedraza-Luna, Angus Baird (Absent: Lewis Francis)

Layla and Jasmine

Glebe U13A Redback supporters Layla Riley and Jasmine Howe


Glebe v Glebe Autumnfest Wed 13 May

It was a still, cool, late autumn evening at Jubilee Oval, Glebe.  There had been a false start due to rain a couple of weeks earlier.  However, the Oval was buzzing with the 2015 "Glebe at Glebe" Autumnfest. 

Starting at 5.30pm on Wednesday, 13 May 2015, there was a cavalcade of events well attended by the past and present Glebe senior and junior players, family and supporters.  There was the U11B Hornets v Strikers competition game, followed by the U13B Hornets v Strikers competition game.  There were 5 v 5 fun games for all ages with our U17 Redbacks leading teams with some keen senior Club players, including former Kookaburra and Club legend Mark Patterson.  There was some specialist goalie training and umpire updates. 

Of particular note were the 100 junior game celebrations for Calam Baird, Alana Howe and Sam Alexander-Prideaux.  Wonderful kids and a wonderful achievement by them.  There were sales of Glebe glasses, water bottles, stubby holders, current Glebe uniforms and, of particular interest, past (but never used) uniforms of wondrous variations on the usual Glebe maroon theme.  There were even some 2006 75th year celebration jerseys picked up for a song.

As always, a real highlight was the gourmet BBQ with Kate Alexander, Ande Kelly, Katy Paltenghi, Elissa Molloy and Wendy Machin-Hunt doing a sterling job with some "guidance" from Iron Gourmet Master Chef Andrew "Googa" Goodrick.  Special praise to Cecilia, Maria and Liz for all their wonderful work behind the counter inside the Clubhouse.

It was a rollicking good night.  Thank you to all the kids for making such an effort in all the games and being part of a happy and inclusive Club.  Thank you to the parents who were prepared to come along and support the kids, even if it did get a bit cool on the sidelines in the middle of Jubilee Oval, a little too far away from the warmth of the Clubhouse and the food and beverages on offer there. 

Finally, special thanks to the life members and senior players who came along and who so actively and happily participated in the event.  The juniors always are grateful for everything the senior Club does to support the development of junior hockey.


 Under 11's with coaches Lester Currie and Adrian McKeown

Under 13

Under 13B Hornets & Strikers

Under 15

Under 15's with 1st Grade players Dom Tintner & Mark Paterson


U15 and U17 Players

100 games_Sam100 games_Alannah100 games_Calam

100 Games Cupcake Awards - Sam Alexander-Prideaux, Alannah Howe & Calam Baird

Glebe Cupcakes_100 games

Glebe Cupcakes


Proving that women can BBQ!!


But Googa's worried!!


 Helpers on the field - 1st Grade players (Aleks Manou & Will Noller), Junior Convenor/Parent Claire Prideaux, Vice President/1st Grade Coach/Player Peter Busch and parent Rachael Beckett


Liz Howe & Cecelia Farrawell


A very busy clubhouse

Life members

Life Members Geoff Paterson, Bob Taylor, Vernon Howe & Harry Wark Jnr


Mark Paterson talks about his journey from Glebe Minkey to the Kookaburras

Wine glasses

Laura Torrible & Ed Noller - more Glebe wine glasses for the Pritchard household!

Glebe Girls x 11 represent Sydney East at U18 Women's State Championship

The NSW U18 Girls State Championships were recently held over 3 days at Newcastle. 

This was the first State Championships for girls following the recent Association reforms and the handsome new Sydney East rep uniforms were on display.  Glebe had 11 girls representing either one or other of the two Sydney East teams.  A fantastic number!  The U18/1 team played in an expanded Division 1 and the U18/2 team played in Division 3.  Both teams played very well and, equally importantly, had a great time playing hockey and spending plenty of downtime with their friends.  It really was a happy and relaxing group of girls who obviously enjoyed each other's company and the opportunity to play some "out of town" hockey. 

It is really what rep hockey is all about - the opportunity to test and develop your hockey skills, but have a really fun time doing so.  Well done to a great group of young women.


Glebe SEHA U18 Girls 2015

Glebe U18 SEHA Players (L-R): Mim Pritchard; Amy Molloy; Ana Moriatakis; Ash Klimoski; Litiana Field; Emma Neal; Erin Machin-Hunt; Kloe Mannering; Emma Grant; Alana Howe; and Grace Dallen.  

Coach:  Dean Morrow (in front)


Mim Pritchard named in the Hockey Australia National U18 Futures Group (9 May)

Congratulations to Glebe U17 player Mim Pritchard who has beeen named in the Hockey Australia National U18 Futures Group. This is a group of talented young athletes that have been identified as potential international athletes of the future. The National Futures Program is designed to ensure that Hockey Australia's world renowned international standing and success is sustainable into the future. It is a rolling program that focuses on athlete development rather than competition. In the long term it is expected that the Futures group will benefit the performance of the national teams through the creation of a larger and better-prepared pool of talent from across the country.

Could Mim be our first Glebe junior to play for the Hockeyroos someday? Let's hope so!!

    Mim Pritchard


Under 9 - Round 1 at Jubilee Oval today 9th May

Glebe hosted the first round of the SEHA Under 9 competition at Jubilee Oval today. It was a perfect Autumn day that saw teams from UNSW, St George/Randwick and Glebe play 2 x 20 min games with 6-a-side on quarter field. All the kids were very excited to be playing "real hockey" with some not having played before. It was a great experience; the games were played in good spirit with lots of fun and the kids learnt new skills. The Glebe team has some promising talent and there were some cracking goals! Well done to everyone!

Thanks to the parents and players from UNSW and St George/Randwick. We hope you enjoyed your time with us at what we think is one of the most picturesque locations for a hockey field in Australia! Jubilee was in pefect nick; thanks to groundsman Chris.

As well as Under 9, Minkey was on plus an U11B local derby Glebe Hornets v Strikers. Thanks to 1st graders Al Cullen, Mark Paterson and Dom Tintner who helped with Under 9 and minkey and to the usual Glebe home game crew Vernon, Googa and Mark. 

Under 9_with minkey

Under 9_Field

Under 9_Merton

Under 9_players


U15 and U18 National Championships

The Club had a number of junior players participating at the recent U15 Boys and U18 Girls Australian National Championships in Hobart and Adelaide, respectively.

In the U15 Boys, Angus Baird played for the State team.   Tim Pritchard played for and Dean Morrow (coach of our U17A metro team) was the Manager of the Blues team.   There were 12 teams competing at the magnificent Tasmanian Hockey Centre under the shadow of Mt Wellington.   The State team ultimately played the grand-final game against Western Australia 1.   They played very well and finished with the silver medal.   Angus Baird was a standout and got a number of goals in the Championships.   The Blues team did very well too and ultimately played off for the bronze medal against Victoria 1, but were beaten by the better team on the day and settled for 4th place.  There was a big, happy contingent of Glebe families and supporters who enjoyed the 9 day event, with plenty of downtime for the tourist highlights.

In the U18 Girls, Ash Klimoski and Mim Pritchard played in the Blues team.   There were 10 teams in total playing at the handsome State Hockey Centre, conveniently on the road out to the Barossa Valley, also over 9 days.    The competition was tough and skilful.   The ice baths after each game were a real highlight for the girls!   Ash was one of the standout goalies of all teams at the Championships and Mim ended up as top goal scorer for the Blues team.   The Blues team ultimately finished 7th, a very credible performance for a development team.

The players all acknowledge and thank the support and encouragement they all had received from the Club and their own respective Glebe teams leading up to and during their participation at the Nationals.   Well done to all players and supporters at both Championships and at home.

Ash and Mim

Ash Klimoski and Mim Pritchard

 Angus Dean and Tim
 Angus Baird, Dean Morrow and Tim Pritchard

Amy and Brayden

Glebe U17 players and supporters Amy Molloy and Brayden Morrow


Glebe Girls in Academy Games

 Academy Girls

Emma Neal, Grace Dallen & Kloe Mannering

The "2015 NSW Academy Games" were held over 10-12 April 2015 on the NSW Central Coast.  The Academy Games is an annual competition between the 11 NSW Academies of Sport and invited interstate / other sporting Academies, whose teams and athletes compete across six sports, including hockey.  The hockey component of the 2015 Academy Games was played between U18 teams and the Sydney Metropolitan Hockey Academy (a Hockey NSW development program which ran over March & April this year) entered U18 Girls & U18 Boys teams into the Academy Games.

Glebe's Grace Dallen, Kloe Mannering and Emma Neal (from the U17A Redbacks) each participated in the Sydney Metropolitan Hockey Academy this year and played in the Sydney Metro Academy (SMA) U18 Girls team at the Academy Games.  The SMA U18 Girls performed extremely well over the competition, with our Glebe girls forming the defensive backbone of the team.  The SMA U18 Girls finished in 3rd place overall, behind the Hunter Academy of Sport (2nd place) & the Northern Inland Academy of Sport (1st place), and played impressive hockey throughout the Games.  Well done Grace, Kloe & Emma !!!  



For many decades, the Glebe Club has used names of native animals to affectionately describe various junior teams, for example, Strikers, Hornets, Vipers and Stingrays.  The name "Redbacks" has always been used for A Division teams in each age group.  To be in a Redback team is something for our junior players to work towards and be proud of achieving.  There are currently four Redback teams, being the U17A, U15A, U13A and U11A teams.  These teams play against the very best teams other Sydney hockey clubs have to offer. 

On 27 and 28 March 2015, all 4 Redback teams achieved something noteworthy by each winning their 1st or 2ndcompetition round.  The U11A Redbacks, coached by Kate Alexander, beat Moorebank 6 to 0.  The U13A Redbacks, coached by Aaron Nilan, beat Sutherland 3 to 1.  The U15A Redbacks, coached by Paul Riley, beat Manly/Gordon North Sydney 3 to 2.  The U17A Redbacks, coached by Dean Morrow, beat Manly/Gordon North Sydney 5 to 4.  There was good success for some of the Striker, Hornet and Viper teams too.

It is very early in the 2015 season, but this is a happy sign for all the Glebe junior teams and the Club generally.  Glebe prides itself on its junior teams and their development.  In all of the Glebe junior teams, the kids, coaches and families have put a lot of work into pre-season preparation and training under our wonderful new Junior Co-ordinator, Clare Prideaux which is paying off. That preparation and training is producing good results in all junior teams.

Our Minkey group has also started with Vernon Howe providing a relaxed and fun development environment for kids who are 8 and under. There are a number of new families and a great opportunity in term 2 for interested U9's to play in a more formal competition.   

Go all the Redbacks, Strikers, Hornets, Vipers and our great little Minkeys in 2015!  The Club is proud of you all!!

 U17A 2015

 U17A Redbacks



U11A Redbacks


Minkey 2015

Minkey Redbacks


Glebe Juniors at City v Country 2015


Hockey New South Wales has recently become more actively involved in general junior hockey development. 

In particular, during the end of 2014/beginning of 2015, in 8 regions throughout New South Wales, regional coaching coordinators on behalf of HNSW have conducted weekly development sessions for U13 and U15 Boys and Girls.  Participation was open to all, regardless of experience or skill.  Each region was allocated different coloured top.  For our Sydney Metro region, the top was a wonderful bright pink (or was it magenta, cerise, salmon, blush?).  After about 8 or 9 weeks at Moorebank or Pennant Hills, the sessions culminated with a massive 3 day event in Newcastle between 13 and 15 February 2015.  There were about 600 kids in the various U13 and U15 teams and in the more traditional U18 City v Country teams in both and boys and girls teams.  There were a total of 51 teams involved over 3 days. 

In total, there were 17 Glebe juniors, together with families and supporters, at Newcastle.  While the U18's played on full fields, the U13 and U15 kids played between 6 and 7 games of 25 minutes on half sized pitches, with plenty of interchanges.  There was some interesting experimental rule changes being used. It was a particularly happy and friendly event.  The Glebe kids playing for the various U13 and U15 teams did very well.  There was lots of existing friendships developed and new friendships made in their Sydney teams and the broader hockey community generally. The U18 City Boys lost both games against the Country Boys, but the City Girls won both their games.  The event also served as the U15 State trials for both boys and girls.  On a happy note, Glebe junior star Angus Baird was selected into the 2015 U15 NSW State team and Tim Pritchard was selected into the U15 NSW Blues team for the Australian National Championships over 9 days in Adelaide in April. 

One sad matter of note was that there was an off the ball injury to one of our other Glebe junior stars, Litiana Field, when she had an awkward fall in her U18 City v Country game.  All our love and very best wishes are with Litiana and her family for a speedy recovery. 

It is wonderful for our sport that HNSW, with better funding, structure and dedicated and highly skilled regional coaching coordinators, has become more actively involved at a grass roots level.  HNSW is now calling for registrations for U9 and U11 development sessions.  All Glebe juniors are strongly encouraged to participate, if interested.  Please see the HNSW website. 

 City v Ctry 1

 Back Row (L-R): Prudie Dallen, Emma Alexander-Prideaux, Olivia Cain, Layla Riley, Talia Morrow

 Front Row (L-R): Tim Pritchard, Calam Baird, Jonah Riley, Rodrigo Pedraza Luna, Hugh Dallen, Angus Baird


City v Ctry 2

Maddie Scott and Isabella Shannon


City v Ctry 3

L-R: Mim Pritchard, Emma Grant, Litiana Field (absent), Sam Alexander-Prideaux


The NSW U18 Girls State Championships were recently held over 3 days at Newcastle. 

This was the first State Championships for girls following the recent Association reforms and the handsome new Sydney East rep uniforms were on display.  Glebe had 11 girls representing either one or other of the two Sydney East teams.  A fantastic number!  The U18/1 team played in an expanded Division 1 and the U18/2 team played in Division 3.  Both teams played very well and, equally importantly, had a great time playing hockey and spending plenty of downtime with their friends.  It really was a happy and relaxing group of girls who obviously enjoyed each other's company and the opportunity to play some "out of town" hockey. 

It is really what rep hockey is all about - the opportunity to test and develop your hockey skills, but have a really fun time doing so.  Well done to a great group of young women.

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