U11 Strikers and Hornets- 2017 (NB: there may be some changes to teams)


U11 Strikers


Coach Emma Alexander Prideaux and Olivia Cain

Manager Allison Cummins (interim)


Tom Kepert

Anna Kepert

Lachlan Watson

Eric Rutledge

Lilah Randall

Mila Faine

Bodhi Aroney

Bethan McCracken

Eddie Crowe Palmer

Reganne Patterson


U11 Hornets

Coach Sonya Finlayson & Peter Bestel

Manager Toni Murrell


Aidan Livery

Joshua Livery

Holly Murrell

Ella Day

Calvino Mattei

Piper Finlayson

Cody Finlayson

Elise Bestel

Abbey Wilson-Greenwood