Friday, July 08, 2016

The Glebe District Hockey Club - Pub Crawl 2016


On Saturday 30th July 2016 the Glebe District Hockey Club held it's Pub Crawl through the streets of Balmain and Rozelle. It was a huge success with well over 60 club members in attendance throughout the designated stops. It was a chance for players from both the Men's and Women's Senior Club to meet and social away from the green glow of the hockey pitch in a warm and inviting atmosphere.


The Crawl started at the Merton Hotel and Bistro Rozelle, which has been the Glebe DHC major sponsor for the past two seasons. Here players and club members socialised and discussed the days play in the courtyard with most people electing to take the chance to grab some dinner from Sydneys hidden gem of a bistro.


From there the Crawl moved East along Evans Street to the Welcome Hotel before moving on to the Balmain Hotel on Mullen Street. Unfortunately both the Dicks Hotel and Exchange Hotel have a strict NO PUB CRAWL policy. There loss I suppose!!


The crowd reconvened under the arch for dancing and a tipple of Dr. Tooheys magic elixir. I can report that at all times participants were well behaved and look out for one another as good Glebe Clubmen and Women do.


Special thanks to Laure Salou and Adam Campano the chief architects of the night. Your efforts were much appreciated by all who attended. As you can tell by the photo bellow a good night was had by all.



Pub Crawl group photo 2016



2016 GDHC Pub Crawl Route


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