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Families Rule at Glebe Juniors

The conclusion of the 2014 season and the publication of the Glebe Junior Annual Report (which includes a listing of the number of games played this 2014 season by current U11 to U17 players) is an opportune moment to reflect on the importance of families to the success of and enjoyment for those involved with the Glebe District Hockey Club.

The families involved with our Club take the wonderfully varied and dynamic forms reflective of modern Australian society, particularly in and around the Sydney inner-west.  All of those forms of families provide loving and nurturing environments for kids in their development generally and happy participation in the Club.  The value of families to the Club is reinforced by a review of the number of games played in 2014 listing.  There are 3 families with 4 players in 1 or more teams this year.  Remarkably, the Foster family had 4 kids all playing in U11B Hornets for a fantastic family total of 61 games this season.  What memories the 4 kids will have when they are adults of their Saturday mornings together in maroon and white.  At least, the Foster family kids were all in the same team.  Particular praise must go to both the Farrawell families and the Dallen families who both also have 4 children, but in 4 different teams for a family total of 53 and 50 games respectively.  Imagine the organisation involved in getting 4 kids to 4 different games around Sydney on weekends!

There are also 6 families with 3 kids in various junior teams, being the Brine family with a total of 41 games, the Currie family with a total of 38 games, the Gibson family with a total of 23 games, the Howe family (Ryan, Alanna and Teagan) with a total of 43 games, the Pritchard family with a total of 41 games and the White Tear family with a total of 38 games.  There were also 17 families with 2 kids in 1 or more teams, being the Alexander-Prideaux family (28 games), the Arambewela family (26 games), the Baird family (24 games), the Chatelier family (26 games), the Covell family (22 games), the Frissel-Thomas family (29 games), the other Howe family (Jackson and Jasmine) (43 games), the Iglesias family (31 games), the Langenheim family (31 games), the Machin-Hunt family (30 games), the Mannering family (26 games), the Moraitakis family (27 games), the Morrow family (29 games), the Poutsma family (18 games), the Riley family (25 games), the Silink family (24 games), the Smith family (31 games).  There may well have been more, especially if kids in the same family have different surnames, and we are sorry if we missed anyone.

There were a further 68 families (yes, 68 further families!) with 1 child who played games for the junior Club this season.   Too many to mention all individually, but they are just as important to and appreciated by the Club.  Of course, many of these families and even more families are involved with Minkeys and U9s.  While those kids are not yet formally included in the U11-U17 listing, they are treasured as the future of our juniors.

This 2014 season, all our U11 to U17 juniors played 1,733 games for a whopping career to date total of 6,216 games.  Behind each player for each and every one of those games was a family providing support and encouragement (not to mention clean uniforms, transportation and refreshments) throughout Sydney for nearly six months.  This Club has always and will continue to survive, grow and flourish only with the support of such families who put so much time and effort into their kids' participation in a sport and a Club in which we all believe has merit and importance.  Thank you to you all.

Thank you to each of the families involved with the Club this season.  On behalf of the Club and each of the other families involved with our Club, we thank you. 


Photos from the 2014 Juniors Presentation Day on 13 September 2014 are below:

2014 Juniors Presentation Day No.1

2014 Juniors Presentation Day NO.6

2014 Juniors Presentation Day No.2  

Our Juniors, friends & families gather in front of the Clubhouse for the 2014 Glebe Juniors Presentation. 

2014 Juniors Presentation Day No.4

2014 Glebe U15s - Amy Molloy, Litiana Field, Kloe Mannering, Mim Pritchard & Grace Dallen.  

2014 Juniors Presentation Day No.5

2014 Club Secretary, Mark Paterson (who played 212 Glebe Juniors Games himself), announces the "100" & "200" Junior Games milestone awards.  

2014 Juniors Presentation Day No.3

Our Volunteers - The Glebe Juniors Convenors 

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