Monday, August 10, 2015

Glebe Under 9's

The club's youngest team had a delightful first season: good opposition, mostly fine weather, no injuries, and a stack of wins. After they picked up the basics at Minkey (many thanks to Vernon), about 11 young hockey players stepped up to play comp. The games are only six a side and as there were five extra players the parents in charge of subs were kept busy shuffling them on and off the field so everyone got an equal run.

Skills improved quickly under coach Alison Lennon and spectators (okay, parents) were treated to some fine dribbling and goal-shooting-even reverse-stick work. Learning to pass took a little longer, but they got the hang of that, too, and they were very goal-hungry inside the circle (not that there is a circle for the under-9s). The team was always able to field a full side-in fact, so enthusiastic was the turn out each week that Glebe lent players to the other teams when they were short (the opposition was St George and two teams from University of NSW).
Of the 18 or so games, Glebe won 14, drew two and lost two.

There was a lot of fun and a lot of improvement, and now there are a lot of talented young hockey players who will be clamouring to get into Glebe Under-11s in the next season or two. Thanks to all the players and all the parents, and congratulations to Glebe Hockey Club for giving such great support to its juniors.


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