Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Trevenar-Wark Cup Day at Cintra Park Concord, Saturday 21 July 2012

The late Bruce Trevenar was a Briars stalwart of the 1950's -70's and the late Harry Wark was a Glebe stalwart of the 1950's through to the early 2000s.  Both Bruce and Harry fostered friendship, camaraderie, sportsmanship and fair dealings within their own Clubs and between rival clubs. The Cup is played for between Glebe and Briars on an annual basis.  Two women's games are played, two men's games are played and the winner of the Cup is the Club who wins the most number of games.  Glebe was the holder of the Cup and won it again this year.  Both women's teams won 1-0 against their Briars opposition.  The Glebe first grade team lost to Briars 3-2 and the second grade men's team won 3-0.

It was a cloudy afternoon at the Briar's home ground at Cintra Park Concord, fortunately the rain stayed away for the afternoon.  There was a big crowd at the ground, which I would estimate at around 250 people at its peak, with people coming and going all afternoon. During the course of the afternoon and night I would estimate at least 500 people came and went. There was a festive atmosphere at the ground and all present had an enjoyable afternoon.

The Briars Club put on a fabulous afternoon for all to enjoy. Many Briars Club Members worked long and hard to make the day enjoyable for other people. Thank you Briars for all your efforts, they were much appreciated by all present.  There was free pink champagne available all afternoon which may have gone some of the way to explaining why most present had such a great afternoon.

The half-hour of Minkey Hockey between the second grade women's game and men's first grade game was a highlight of the afternoon.  Glebe had 22 or 23 Minkey players present and Briars had around the same number.  Three Minkey games took place simultaneously and these games provided the packed terraces with great entertainment.  Thank you Minkey parents for bringing your children out to Briars on the day and making the day the success it undoubtedly was.

Seeing both boys and girls playing hockey together in a relaxed, friendly setting reminds me of the advantage the sport of hockey has over other types of team sport.  A family can have one club for their children to play sport with, which can provide camaraderie, exercise, friendship and good fellowship.  The children, both male and female have the opportunity to remain associated with the Club from age 3-4 through to their mid 50s.  Lasting friendships can be made, nurtured and continued throughout life. Hockey is a sport for girls and boys, women and men of all ages, sizes and abilities.  Molly Wark, Harry Wark's widow aged 86 years, an ex Glebe hockey player herself said a few words at the Presentation, and also at the ceremony were several young Minkey player of 3 or 4 years. The Day revealed the wonderful features that our game has to offer, for all ages and both genders.

Some of the Minkey players ran on with their respective first grade teams and this fostered a meaningful connection between the present generation of first grade players and the generation following. The occasion made for an impressive sight and I am sure the Minkey players involved will remember it long into the future.

For full match reports, visit the men's and women's section of the website.

Thanks to Harry Wark for that report.

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