Sunday, September 09, 2012

Glebe 4th Grade Ladies Win the 2012 Premiership

The 4th Grade ladies have taken the ED 4 Premiership for the second year running, backing up their minor premiership win by taking the Grand Final trophy.

Ladies 4th's Grand Final

At a windy Kyeemagh on Saturday night, the Glebe ladies ran out on the pitch to face an in-form Dolphins 
side, who had won their last 5 games in a row to make the semis and beaten top teams to secure the 
Grand Final spot.
The Glebe girls had secured the Minor Premiership after a stellar season of strong hockey. They were the 
team to beat in the competition this year, but we all know that finals time is a different ball game.
The first half saw the Dolphins take their opportunities early, securing a short corner in the first 2 minutes of 
play. Luckily the Glebe defence could keep them out and the ball went to the other end of the field where a 
short corner from Glebe was won. The opportunity was not taken, with the Dolphins shutting down their short 
corner attack.
The first half saw much of the play down the centre of the field, with chances for both sides. Both Glebe and 
the Dolphins had strong players who were happy to put in a shoulder or elbow to be first to the ball. It was 
clear that this game was going to be won by the team who could fight it out and be strong.
Towards the end of the first half Glebe secured a short corner. The ball came out to fullback Sharon, who 
unleashed a great hit, which dipped and hit the backboard. Glebe celebrated but the umpire ruled the hit 
as dangerous. The Glebe crowd were unhappy with the decision as the ball hit the backboard, but the umpire 
ruled it had dipped. In a higher grade that would have been deamed a goal, but that may just be my biased 
The second half saw some great opportunites for the Glebe girls created by strength in the middle from 
Jackie Andrews, who used key players Katie and Caroline to gain ground. Glebe easily had the best of the 
second half, creating chances and securing short corners, yet all had gone unconverted.
With 5 minutes to go the Dolphins were in our half, and in a sturggle in the circle, pushed the ball into the 
goal. The Glebe girls didn't put their heads down, they marched back to the halfway line, cheered on by 
the big Glebe crowd, and got on with things. Josie, back from Europe the night before, took the self pass 
option from the whistle and went forward. She found Caroline who worked the ball into the circle. Some 
close defense and hard tackling saw the ball pop out to Emma Brady with a chance out on the left wing. 
She slotted the ball into the goal. 1-1.
The Glebe girls then took it up a gear and took possession of the ball to work it back into the circle. 
The ball then game to Caroline, who worked sideways from the goal and used her reverse stick to find 
the goal, the girls had gone to the lead, 2-1.
Back at the halfway line the Glebe girls had all the momentum. They had played with intensity and were 
hungry for another goal. With less than a minute to go they attacked the circle again, with the ball coming 
from the left wing across the goal to a sliding Caroline, who deflected the ball into the goal. It was 3-1 and 
the goal marked full time. The Glebe girls had won the ED 4 Premiership for a second year in a row!
Stand out players for the side were Jacky in the centre and Caroline, Josie and Katie up front. Sharon and 
Sian were also solid at the back to keep the ball in attack.
A special mention must be made for Sue Brady, who coached the girls for the first time this year. She 
played when the girls were down and worked with the ladies all year to develop their skills at training. 
This was a solid team from the beginning and it was so great to see them take the top prize.
Well done ladies.
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