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Jesse Cox

5 September 1986 - 19 December 2017


Biography for the Glebe District Hockey Club

Jesse started with the Glebe District Hockey Club (GDHC) as an Under 11 in 1996. He played 98 junior games for Glebe up until 2003. He played senior hockey for the Club in 2004 and 2005, playing a total of 26 senior games. In total Jesse played 124 games for Glebe over 10 years. He was popular with his coaches and team mates and lifted the ambience and mood of the teams in which he played.

Jesse was born the first of two sons to Louise Cox and Mark Piddington. Growing up Jesse lived in Annandale and went to high school at Leichhardt High. His father was a high school Head Master and his mother an Artist. His brother Jack is a Writer. Jesse's parents were frequent spectators at junior games in which Jesse played and were enthusiastic Glebe Supporters.

After leaving school Jesse started as a volunteer on Sydney community radio station FBI. It was at FBI that Jesse met his future wife Que Minh Luu. They went on to marry in November 2014 at Rodd Point, Five Dock, where Jesse sailed as a boy with the Dobroyd Sailing Club. Que is now an executive producer at ABC TV. They have a two year old son Alfred Dao.

In 2010 Jesse, with some of his FBI colleagues, founded "All the Best", a weekly storytelling show that blended documentary, interviews and fiction. Jesse's artistic talent became more widely recognised and his star rose. In 2013 he joined the ABC Radio National Creative Audio Unit, where he stayed for four years until mid-2017, when he left to join Amazon audio entertainment company Audible.

An Obituary in the Sydney Morning Herald of Monday 8 January 2018 commented that Jesse was "gregarious and charismatic" and further opines "As a collaborator, Cox was renowned for his generous spirit and boundless energy, his wise counsel and his ability to straddle the creative, technical and organisational demands of his endeavours". Jesse and his family also loved camping and trekking in the great outdoors.

In November 2017 he was at the 2017 Walkley Awards. He won the 2017 Innovation Walkley for ABC Radio's Trace podcast with journalists Rachael Brown and Jeremy Story Carter. Jesse developed a very rare tumour, an Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS). This tumour spread and he died suddenly on 19 December 2017.

In 1998 Jesse played in the Club's Under 11 Hornets team coached by Jason Taylor. Players in this team with Jesse were Hannah Oman, Alison Cheong, Nellie Farlow, Jason McKay, Liam O'Donnell, Sasha-Solar-Marsh, Dominic Kavanagh, Jasper Ludwig, Laurie Lepard, Eliza Holyoake, Darren Fletcher, Scott Cornish and Sam Bagley.

In 1999 he played in the under 13 Redback Team, again coached by Jason Taylor. Players in this team with him were Samantha Wortley Lawson, Sarah Jane Baker, Suzanna Montrone, Isabel Higgins, Tim Fromer, Kylie Henderson, Rosie Cavanagh, Julie Newton, Emily Evans, David O'Brian, Denning Isles, Scott Cornish, Scott Howard and Sarah Howard.

In 2000 Jesse won the Best Player award in the Under 15 Wildcat Team coached by Steve Sherwood. In his report for the 2000 Annual Junior Report, Steve comments "The leadership shown by Jesse in his unrelenting efforts at every game and at training guided the team to its first victory in B Division." Players with him in this team were Leon Grace-Gilet, Joe Barton, Sarah Howard, Brianna McNeillage-Green, Julie Newton, Nicole

Henderson, Danny Sullivan, Teddy Sullivan, Reilly Petersen, Jehan Gonsalkorale, Tim Frommer, Susanna Montrone, and Kate Pearsall.

In 2001 Jesse won the Best Forward award in the under 15 Wildcats team, coached by Anthony Cornish and Managed by Dawn Baker. The coaches potted description of Jesse's season reads as follows:

"Jesse Cox (Centre-Forward) definitely the most vocal player on the team, always trying to rev the team up. Jesse always pushed hard in attack and was the leading goal scorer for the team. Jesse's speed also helped him drop back and assist with the defence when needed."

Players alongside him in this team were: Banc Zigic, Bonnie Malone, Emily Evans, Emily Robinson, Jack Doyle, Julie Newton, Kylie Henderson, Nicola Asquith, Kate Pearsall, Scott Cornish, Scott Howard, Susanna Montrone, and Tim Frommer.

In 2002 Jesse was selected in the Central Area Junior Hockey Association Representative Team. He played in the Glebe Under 17 Team coached by Adam Campano, and managed by Christine O'Connor. The side lost the Grand-Final to Sutherland 3-2.

His fellow players were: Scott Bortfield, Liam Casey, Andrew Cheong, Greg Evans, Tim Frommer, Dean McWhinney, Nick O'Connor, Tom Pacey, Mark Paterson, Matthew Wark, Michael Wark and Tim Wiles.

2003 was Jesse's last year of junior hockey. He played in the competition-winning Glebe Under 17 Team coached by Les Wark, which beat Sutherland 5-2 in the Grand-Final.

Jesse's entry in the Team Report in the 2003 Junior Annual Report reads as follows: "Jesse had a great year this year, improving with every outing. His knowledge of the game has greatly increased and his coming into the attack from defence was a pleasure to watch. Another great team member with a positive attitude, always had something to say to liven up our dark moments."

Other players in the side were Scott Bortfield, Andrew Cheong, Scott Cornish, Zach Farlow, Andrew Fox, Luke Freeman, Tim Frommer, Angus Glynn, Scott Howard, Dean McWhinney, Allister Moran, Tom Pacey, Ian Paterson, Michael Wark and Simon Wark.

After leaving the Club's juniors at the end of the 2003 season, Jesse played in the Glebe Sixth Grade teams in 2004 and 2005, winning a Premiership with the 2005 Sixth Grade team. Players in the side with him that year were: George Manou, Andrew Goodrick, Stephen Casey, Andrew Armour, Amrat Parbhu, Michael Mosley, Bernard Adcock, Les McPhee, Adam Farrawell, David Price, Sang Duong and Les Wark.

The GDHC is grateful to have had Jesse as a Member. He contributed positively and enthusiastically to the life and times of the Hockey Club for ten years. He had a positive influence on all those who came into contact with him.

Jesse was an inspiration to others here on earth. He led by example. He was a doer, rather than a big talker. Jesse did not lead a long life, but he certainly led a productive one.

The GDHC extends its Deep Sympathy to Jesse's family and friends.


Harry J. Wark

GDHC Historian

9 January 2017

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