Monday, May 11, 2015

Mim Pritchard named in the Hockey Australia National U18 Futures Group (9 May)

Congratulations to Glebe U17 player Mim Pritchard who has beeen named in the Hockey Australia National U18 Futures Group. This is a group of talented young athletes that have been identified as potential international athletes of the future. The National Futures Program is designed to ensure that Hockey Australia's world renowned international standing and success is sustainable into the future. It is a rolling program that focuses on athlete development rather than competition. In the long term it is expected that the Futures group will benefit the performance of the national teams through the creation of a larger and better-prepared pool of talent from across the country.


Could Mim be our first Glebe junior to play for the Hockeyroos someday? Let's hope so!!

    Mim Pritchard


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