Tuesday, August 09, 2016

President's Message December 2016

Firstly, I wish to thank the outgoing President Danny O'Brien for all the fine and unselfish service he has given this Club throughout the years. Thank you, Danny, for your commitment and the Club wishes you all the best in your big new life style changes into the future.

I wish to give a brief history of who I am for those members who might not know me. My name is Les Wark, and yes I am related to all the other Warks within the Club. I am a Club Life Member and at present the holder of the record for most games played. I have filled the managerial roles as Club Captain and Club Secretary for several years. This will be my first go at Club President which is both exciting and scary all at the same time.

We (the Management Committee and myself) have been entrusted by the members at the 2016 Annual General Meeting to look at the Club Management Structure and any Constitutional changes that would apply and to seek and provide feedback for the members. This is a daunting task, and some of the outcomes could be very confronting to the Club. This process will be explained in more detail in a separate bulletin in the new year.

I was very taken when I heard David Pritchard express very eloquently at the AGM that the Club should act just like FAMILY. I cannot say that all the decisions of the Committee will be liked by every member of our GDHC Family. However, they will be considered decisions with the wellbeing of the Family at heart. We need to have honest, straightforward relationships that respect the diversity of all our Family members, and we must look out for our young ones to help them grow and develop. If we get it wrong, we will say sorry and try and rectify the situation as good Families do.

I will be always open to a meaningful discussion with members on any issues within the Club, but please don't expect an instant answer. If you have a solution to the issue, please bring that along also for consideration. Ideas are good.

Please don't be surprised if I come up and ask you to do a job for the Club that you have an expertise in. I know all of you will be only too glad to donate a little bit of your time to make the Club a better place for all. 

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Looking forward to good things for the Club in 2017.


Mr Les Wark 

Glebe DHC President

1981_les Wark


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