Monday, May 23, 2016

Glebe DHC Players and Members,


Please find two important events on the social calendar.

1.) State of Origin Night Wednesday 1st June 2016 @ the Glebe DHC - Clubhouse shown live on the Big Screen with a BBQ dinner 6:30pm onwards.

 - Glebe NSW vs Glebe QLD curtain raiser touch football game on at 6:30pm. Friends, Family, Partners, Children welcome.

2.) The annual Wark - Trevenar / Glebe vs Briars / Derby Day After Party Saturday 18th June 2016 @ the Glebe DHC - Clubhouse 7:30pm onwards.

 - The Glebe DHC Management Committee invites all members back to the Clubhouse after the days plays. Friends, Family, Partners, Children are most welcome. 


State of Origin 1 2016 + Glebe vs Briars After Party

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