Monday, August 03, 2015

U13A Redbacks Team Outing

U13A redbacks

Glebes Under 13A Redbacks are a team that features the next generation of Glebe Club Members. Players include a great mix of boys and girls who have strong connections with the history and future of Glebe. Aaron Nilan coaches the team in his first juniors coaching experience. As part of the season plan, the kids voted that rather than more whiteboard instructions and team talks; they wanted a new approach to coaching. And so after a closely fought loss to Sutherland in the morning, the U13A Redbacks reconvened in the afternoon at Cintra to watch the Men's Second Grade encounter, and get some practical instruction in hockey.

Some had gone home and freshened up, some had gone to other sports commitments and a few diehards remained in their Glebe uniforms, and they sat as a team in preparation to watch their siblings, club mates, their umpire that morning and most importantly their coach in a fiercely contested game.

Wild assurances of a hat trick of goals and a demonstration of exactly how to play the game had been made, and the children were happy to see the coach pop in the first goal for Glebe early in the game. (Just quietly we think The Coach was quite relieved as well)

It was a great afternoon in the sunshine with friends, with plenty of support from the senior members of the club, parents, pets and a delicious home baked giant biscuit to share. So it was a 3-1 victory to the Glebe men, a lovely goal and excellent demeanour from the coach and a big win for team spirit and friendship.

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