2017 Match Reports

Sunday 6 August 2017: ML1 Glebe def Mosman Harbourside 1-0

It was an unusual one this weekend. Clare, not Matt, cracked it. We, not the opposition won. Win celebrations are fond memories we remiss about occasionally. Now we celebrate coming off sweaty, bruised, broken and improved from last week. We celebrate playing with more mateship, optimism and grunt than our better resourced competition. We celebrate 1 hard earned point with a stretch hummer from the ground. Because maturity.

We played a reverse grand final. 1 v 2 if you're counting from the bottom of the ladder. No premiership to win, a spot in the league to lose. Mosman Harbourside played some seriously old school hockey. Best suited to grass. We played our brand, more skill and a lot more fitness. Best suited to Glebe. The line-up and contributions from the back to the front:

  • Clare and Matt, less good cop bad cop, more positive coach helping us break it down job by job, quarter by quarter, passionate coach, geeing us up to score from pure will while bleeding maroon
  • Makenzi took away a clean sheet. Once again demonstrated more maturity than the internationals double her age. You're a treasure Kenz. Never leave us. We will find you.
  • Alisha reminded us all of her northern heritage and arrived with a fake tan and 2hrs sleep after a night at the Gold Coast casino. Grim determination trumps sleep. Leading from the front Lish.
  • Lynsey got about the crowded parts of the pitch like the ball in a pinball machine. In a crouch. Quads for days.
  • Liti gets no praise. It's assumed she'll do great, consistently set the bar too high, her own fault. We'll pay attention when she starts doing cartwheels.
  • Abby Beer Pong Shark Walker let her old club know what they lost. Sucks to be them. See above re leaving us.
  • Higgs broke even on a 95% mishit rate (ostensibly blamed on a handful of blisters) by covering yards.
  • Howe, don't be mistaken, is made of steel. Treated taking down wingers like breathing.
  • The Dutch connection of Gus and Cec did what they do best, go in hard, throw themselves around and praise Matt (we assume) in Dutch whenever benched
  • Izzy has arrived. That woman was trapping anything hit at her and finding the next pass regardless of opposition pressure.
  • Emma, forgiven for thinking she was playing soccer and taking a dive. Because GOAL (off the back of an Izz pass).
  • Laura knows how to turn on the speed. Burned off defenders at a stretched out one-handed lope.
  • Ana was a ball magnet and came away with the bruise to prove it. Maybe she could get out of the way if she had new shoes.
  • Hannah put some epic kms in to wear down their defence. Added in some quality argy bargy to get them falling over themselves. Just imagine having a Kiwi zipping and nipping at your ankles for 70mins. Obnoxious.

Gus and Emma shared woman of the match kudos. A clean sheet + 1 goal = three points, three points. Off the bottom of the ladder, three weeks to keep it that way. Off to the Merton. I hope they have a helipad.



2016 highlight:

Glebe 2 making the ML3 Grand Final. Well done girls!


Glebe 2nd Grade GF 2016

2015 highlight:

2015 ML1 winners 


Glebe1, competing in ML2, win the Minor and Major Premiership for the 2015 Season!

Grand Final result 4-1 win against Ryde Hunters Hill.


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Glebe 4 2012 Winners

Glebe 4 win the Grand Final 1-0!

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Glebe 2 win the Grand Final beating Gordon North Shore 2-1!

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2nd Grade GF 

 Glebe 2 win the Grand Final against Wenty 1-0!

Girls 4th Grade

Glebe 4 win the Grand Final 3-1!