Men’s 3rd Grade v University of New South Wales – 24 April 2021 at Daceyville

Result: Glebe 1 lost to UNSW 8

Half-time Glebe 0 – UNSW 3

Penalty corners: Glebe 2 (1 goal), UNSW 5 (2 goals)

Scorer for Glebe: Andrew Cheong


Glebe players: Chris Farrugia, Sam Bagley, Adam Campano, Andrew Cheong, Craig Martin, Tony Wark, Paul Jowett, George Manou (GK), Zane Goodridge, Al Cullen, Pat Wark, Aaron Gough, Will Brine, James Martin.  Unavailable players Michael Wark (hamstring), Jackson Howe, Luke Pollock


Pre-match prediction: UNSW have had 3 wins from their first 3 games of the 2021 season, with 19 goals for and 2 against. With a goal difference of 17 they are on top of the competition table.


Glebe’s defeat last week against Northern District’s was disappointing, and unless we improve substantially in today’s game we could get well beaten. On last week’s form the UNSW team should beat us by 4-1, although if we can improve our penalty corner conversion rate, tackle early and tackle often, improve our trapping, take the early free hit, and deliver the early ball using a hard pass to the stick of a teammate we might be a chance to spring a surprise result.

My predicted score 2-2.


Match Report

It was a beautiful mid-autumn day at Daceyville, with a clear blue sky, warm sun shine and very little breeze.

Glebe were outclassed by the much better team today. The UNSW’s team were skilful, fast, well drilled, played good team hockey, fit and thoroughly deserved their victory. Glebe never gave up and were much more in the game than the score indicates. With 5 minutes to go in the third quarter the score was Glebe 1 UNSW 3, and the Glebe team were making a real game of it.

UNSW scored they fourth goal with 4 minutes remaining in the third quarter and went on to score an additional four goals in the final quarter when the Glebe team tired, making the final score Glebe 1 UNSW 8.

From the outset UNSW looked to be a polished, skilful outfit with excellent stick and ball skills. For the first 7 minutes Glebe had trouble getting the ball out of defence, and utilized many fairly aimless cross field passes. We were under the pump, but managing to hang on.

The UNSW won two penalty corners in the first 10 minutes of the game. One shot went wide of the goal and the other was well saved by fullback Chris Farrugia off the goal line. UNSW were very good on the quick counter attack and after 12 minutes of play broke down the right wing from inside their own half, centred the ball across the Glebe goal mouth, where it hit a Glebe defender’s foot. From the ensuing penalty corner, a direct hit by an UNSW went just inside Glebe’s left hand goal post for a goal Glebe 0 UNSW 1.

UNSW had 55-60% of the field position in the first quarter, and led 1-0 at the end of that period. Glebe were tackling well, giving nothing away, and trying hard.

A minute into the second quarter UNSW broke quickly from the hit off, penetrated the Glebe circle and found a Glebe defender’s foot. A penalty corner was awarded from which they scored: Glebe 0 UNSW 2. Five minutes into the second quarter UNSW made an attacking raid from 20 metres inside their own half down their left wing, before the ball was crossed to the penalty stroke spot in front of the Glebe goal, from where a UNSW forward deflected the ball into the Glebe goal Glebe 0 UNSW 3.

Glebe got a bit more momentum and better field position mid-way through the second quarter, had a few circle penetrations and a couple of reasonable shots on goal that were saved by the UNSW goal keeper. This was a good passage of play for Glebe. Glebe had 50% of the field position in the second quarter and were holding their own. The Glebe cover defending was good, the tackling competent, the commitment of the players was excellent and we were reading the game well.

The half-time score was Glebe 0 UNSW 3.

A minute into the third quarter Pat Wark rolled his right ankle, came off the field and took no further part in the game. This was a blow to the Glebe team as Pat is one of its better players and does a lot of on field organising. In the third quarter UNSW came at the Glebe defence in a relentless fashion and had 60% of the territory. Glebe did make the occasional quick break into the UNSW 22 metre area, with Andrew Cheong looking dangerous on a few occasions. I had the impression that the Glebe forwards were capable of scoring.

Twelve minutes into the third quarter a Glebe forward found the foot of a UNSW defender inside the UNSW circle and a penalty corner was awarded to Glebe. From the battery Al Cullen hit the ball towards the UNSW left hand goal post. On its way through Andrew Cheong deflected the ball past the UNSW goal keeper into the goal: Glebe 1 UNSW 3. Glebe, although an inferior team to the UNSW, were back within striking distance of UNSW and were still very much still in the game.

With a minute remaining in the second quarter UNSW broke quickly from 20 metres inside their own half, moved the ball between 4-5 players and scored. The ball travelled 70 metres during the movement and it was an excellent, well-crafted goal, which gave the Glebe goal keeper George Manou no chance:  Glebe 1 UNSW 4. This was the score at the end of the third quarter. At this stage of the game, it was highly unlikely the Glebe were capable of a comeback to draw or win the game.

It was a warm day at Daceyville and the game had been played at a frenetic pace throughout. The Glebe players fitness (or the lack thereof) was beginning to show. The Glebe players began to wilt and a few gaps began to open up for the UNSW.

UNSW scored a scrappy goal a minute into the fourth quarter to make the score Glebe 1 UNSW 5. The Glebe players legs were getting tired, our option taking was deteriorating and we found the going tough. Glebe found it hard to penetrate the UNSW defence and we found it difficult to move the ball out of our own half. UNSW were pressing hard and made it difficult for Glebe to gain any forward momentum. The Glebe teams trapping deteriorated and many balls were edged, missed or deflected. This deterioration in our basic skills aided UNSW to get possession of the ball in attacking field positions.

Three minutes into the quarter UNSW pounced on a loose ball 20 metres out from the Glebe circle, and quickly worked the ball into the Glebe circle. A further 3 or 4 passes saw the ball pushed into the Glebe net giving the Glebe goal keeper George Manou no chance. Glebe 1 UNSW 6

Glebe’s option taking coming out of defence had started to deteriorate, probably related to our exhaustion. We started to want to hit the ball down the centre, rather than play the ball wide, move the ball along the sidelines and try and find a Glebe forward on the baseline in attack. Playing the ball down the centre played into the hands of UNSW.

We became slow to move up to tackle and slow to spin around and sprint back in cover defence. Five minutes into the final quarter a Glebe defender had the ball on his stick one metre out from the Glebe goal line and instead of pushing the ball to safety towards the sideline, he allowed a UNSW forward to dispossess him and another soft goal was coughed-up. Glebe 1 UNSW 7. We had conceded three goals in about five minutes, two of these goals were conceded as a result of defensive errors.

Eight minutes into the final quarter UNSW broke quickly down the right wing from well inside its own half, and moved the ball between 5 or 6 players with well-timed accurate passing. The ball was crossed to the Glebe penalty stroke spot from where it was deflected into the Glebe goal by a UNSW forward. This was the best goal of the match, and a great team goal. Glebe 1 UNSW 8

Glebe had conceded four goals in eight minutes and its discipline had deserted it. UNSW were a hard team to stop, but with a bit better fitness, a better game plan and better option taking I feel three of the four goals UNSW scored could have been prevented.

Glebe were down 1-8 with eight minutes to play and we were looking ragged. For the last eight minutes Glebe dug deep and lifted their game. The team kicked-on in these last eight minutes, held their own, and created a few scoring opportunities. This was a good passage of play for the Glebe team.

At no stage did the Glebe team loose heart, or stop trying their best. The player’s conduct and behaviour were excellent.  Today’s game was played at a fast pace. It was an end-to-end tussle, energy sapping struggle.

UNSW were an excellent third grade team and I estimate they were a four goal better team than us. Glebe competed to the best of its ability and it is no disgrace being beaten by the better team on the day. It was a commendable effort today by the Glebe team against a quality opposition.

Veteran George Manou had his first game for Glebe this season with us today. Thank-you George, for helping us out in our time of need. George has played 715 senior Club games for Glebe, and is fourth on the all-time games played list and was first grade goal keeper for ten years.

Next week’s game 1 May 2021 is the Glebe v Macquarie University clash, scheduled for 3.30 pm at Cintra Park Concord. Macquarie University 1 played in the second-grade competition in 2020 and made the final six play-offs. It seems strange that in 2021 Macquarie University 1 is playing in third grade. Be this as it may, I am sure it will be a tough game for us next week.

As a general comment the ball needs to be passed earlier, at pace to the stick of a team mate. We need to quickly come forward to make the tackle and the ball needs to be kept wide and then passed down the sideline to a Glebe player on the opposition baseline.

Congratulations Glebe on a good effort, you did your best, which all that can be asked of you.